Seasons Greetings

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‘An Anomaly’
Remix by Gilbert Nouno with gratitude to Dai. ‘Anomaly at Taw Head’ originally from the album Died in the Wool.

The Kilowatt Hour ft. Franz Wright

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“Earlier this year I had the good fortune to meet and work with the American Pulitzer prize-winning poet Franz Wright. I’d been an enthusiastic admirer of Franz’s work for many years but with the publication of the volume Kindertotenwald I found I’d made a very personal connection with a uniquely intimate collection of prose poems. At the time of reading I’d no idea of the twists and turns my life was to take in the year to come, the ramifications of which chimed so profoundly with Franz’s work (having already written and recorded the title track for Died in the Wool and my interpretations of the poetry of Emily Dickinson), nor had I any notion that approximately one year later I’d be sitting in a studio in his home town in Massachusetts, recording his readings from that same volume.
In the early months of 2013 I’d written to Franz in the hope of piquing his interest in a possible project, which I could only describe in the most nebulous of terms. As fortune would have it, he was familiar enough with my work to embrace the idea from the outset. Unfortunately, he was in very poor health having been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Cancer is no stranger to Franz, he’d stared down its barrels once before, it was a fight he’d won against the odds, but here it was back again, lying in wait, biding its time, time Franz can’t afford to waste as he continues to write with formidable determination, honesty, courage, and a devotion to his craft, his muse, documenting his fluctuating moods, insights, intellect, sorrows, loves and bloody rage in these, his last volumes, the latest being ‘F’.
At the same time as I’d been speaking with Franz I’d also been discussing a spate of concerts with Stephan Mathieu and Christian Fennesz. It now seems inevitable perhaps that these two projects should’ve come together in what is currently a brief series of performances based on an outline for a composition I put together as recently as August 2013. The piece is constructed so as to allow for freely improvised input from Christian and Stephan anchored by Franz’s readings and my own compositional constructs. As I write this we’re still exploring the possibilities of the piece following on from our debut performance at the Punkt Festival, Kristiansand, Norway, September 2013 and Franz remains on the other end of the line talking to me of Jacob and the angel and a thousand other things that have, in truth, helped sustain me, as has his magnificent voice as it resounds around the venues and theatres of Europe.
The trio is known as The Kilowatt Hour.”
David Sylvian, September 2013


Do You Know Me Now?

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A one-time pressing of a limited edition 10” vinyl release from David Sylvian and the samadhisound label.
Buy the limited 10” vinyl + flac + 320kbps mp3 instant download
Buy the limited 10” vinyl + 320kbps mp3 instant download

Earlier this year, David was invited to participate in an installation by the visual artist Phil Collins, entitled “My heart’s in my hand, and my hand is pierced, and my hand’s in the bag, and the bag is shut, and my heart is caught” (after Genet).
A number of musicians were given, with the consent of those using the phone, anonymously recorded telephone conversations from a booth housed in a homeless centre in the centre of Cologne, from which to construct a composition of their choosing incorporating the text either directly or indirectly as each participant saw fit.
The resulting work was played back in specially designed listening booths in the museum itself. The conversations that david received resulted in the song “Do You Know Me Now?”, released for the first time on the samadhisound label on 10” vinyl and as digital files.
The A-side is backed by a re-mastered version of the song “Where’s Your Gravity?”, which first appeared on the EMI compilation A Victim of Stars. The package is beautifully designed by Chris Bigg, and each mail ordered copy will be signed by David himself.

The installation was successfully housed in the Museum Ludwig, Cologne, from April 18 through to July 21 2013, and will travel further afield later in the year.
For further information and sound samples, please visit www.davidsylvian.com/doyouknowmenow

Abandon / Hope published by Eyesencia

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David Sylvian "Abandon / Hope"
Available in three separate editions
Limited edition #1: Contains two hardcover books / one play button (original music composed by Taylor Deupree), contained in a hard card sleeve, plus two signed original 5 x 7" prints. 50 copies signed limited edition.
Limited edition #2: Contains two hardcover books / one play button (original music composed by Taylor Deupree), contained in a hard card sleeve. 250 copies signed limited edition.
Edition: Contains two hardcover books in a soft shell sleeve.
The proportions of the books are approximately 15 cm x 26 cm.
For detailed information please contact: contact@eyesencia.com
Click here to view images of the editions on Facebook.

The Kilowatt Hour announce further live dates

The Kilowatt Hour, a new collaborative trio featuring Stephan Mathieu, David Sylvian and Christian Fennesz, has just announced a set of live dates in Europe this fall. The instrumental trio will develop material this summer to debut at the Punkt Festival in Kristiansand, Norway on September 7, followed by a series of dates in Italy. Visit the-kilowatt-hour.com for ticket links and further info.

The Kilowatt Hour – Mathieu, Sylvian, Fennesz

The Kilowatt Hour will be performing live at Punkt Festival in Kristiansand, Norway, on the 7th September 2013. Tickets are available for purchase here: www.billettservice.no


David Sylvian: Abandon/Hope

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In Japan this summer there will be two, simultaneously held, photographic exhibitions by David Sylvian. Abandon will open in Tokyo on the July 22nd at Spiral Garden. The second, Hope, opens on July 20th in an abandoned building located in the port town of Uno (Okayama) as part of the Setouchi International Art festival 2013.
The current details are as follows:
from 22nd July - 29th July
Spiral Garden, Tokyo, Japan
from 20th July - 1st September
Uno (Okayama), Japan. Commissioned by the Setouchi International Art festival 2013 (Setouchi Triennale).
The project Abandon/Hope also incorporates two especially commissioned sound installations, curated by David, as part of the Setouchi Art Festival 2013.
The sound installation is divided into two sections: 1) a composition by Taylor Deupree, entitled 'Too Close To Being Far Away From Everything'. This can be heard via a playbutton (MP3 player) for rent or purchase from the mobile Kiosk in Uno. 2) A reading of various quotations by several famous philosophers broadcast by loudspeaker from the mobile KIOSK.
For further information contact: contact@eyesencia.com

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