Color design trends: Grey is the new black! Who said that grey is synonymous with melancholy or sadness?


Color design trends: Grey is the new black!

Who said that grey is synonymous with melancholy or sadness?

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17/12/2015 - Grey has come back in the design and furniture world: it is a timeless color, certainly not striking, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have a strong visual impact in your home and your favourite places.​ DMR house by Whiting Architects | Plastic pendant lamp: Sweet 95 made by Gervasoni, design by Paola Navone

The following gallery, selected for you, can tip over all prejudices about this color. Grey can be considered the new Black in the design world, the new design trend, for its versatility, for its elegance and sobriety. If we combine Grey’s neutral character with other tones or colors we can reach very cool results. Concrete walls
After Modernism, grey has become the incarnation of the concrete material. Today, the choice of rough concrete for walls can be a very cool solution, because it can coexist with other claddings or materials or colors. Y Duplex Penthouse Tel Aviv by Pitsou Kedem Architects | Sofa: MICHEL | Fabric sofa made by B&B Italia, design by Antonio Citterio; ARAM | Low coffee table made by GANDIA BLASCO, design by Nendo Aram  Eclectic grey
A dark grey can be the ideal  background for an eclectic space: gray and yellow seem to be made for each other. Many people are hesitant to use yellow but when matched with gray, it just works. You can create a cheerful space with vivid yellow accents. As happens in Yoo Panama, designed by Philippe Starck. Yoo Panama | Polyurethane easy chairLAGO made by Driade, design by Philippe Starck

Grey in the bedroom
The design of the master bedroom is a delicate question, because you have to keep things as neutral as possible if you want it to be more permanent. Warm grey usually is an easy color to decorate walls as a background. You can throw anything against it, and it's going to look amazing. Locanda dei Nobili Viaggiatori, Malpaga, Italy | Design by Stafano Guarnieri | Grey armchair: Ghost collecitom made by Gervasoni, design Paola Navone.

Grey in the attic
Say yes to the grey in the attic, as well. The Grey Loft’s bedroom (design by OOOX) itself is equipped with a large, comfortable, custom-made bed, which seems lifted from the floor by illumination under the structure, creating a a floating effect. Grey in the hotel
An essential part of creating an hotel-style bedroom is making sure your linen is lovely. In the SP34 hotel, in Copenaghen, (design by Morten Hedegaard) the white quilt, white cushions and buff elements chime elegantly with the dark grey walls, curtains and lamps without being too matchy. Nordic Grey
In Nordic places, grey embodies the typical minimal character and neutral ambience. It could be the perfect ‘partner’ for white furniture and local design, for all kinds of spaces, from the home to the office, from the coffee house to the atelier. Styled to perfection: the new studio by Norm Architects. Not only designing minimal pieces but also excelling in architecture itself. The chair: AFTEROOM made by MENU.

Grey in new materials and finishings
Grey is one of the most used colors for contemporary wall/floor tiles with concrete effect. There are many coating solutions made from a polymer modified cement base, which can be used in multiple thin coat applications. These finishings are highly resistant to abrasion and the adhesion properties allow tiles to be used on a wide variety of surfaces including concrete, steel and wood. They can be used interiors or exteriors to achieve many different paving and flooring requirements. Not only, these solutions can be the ideal partner for furniture design, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom, as happens in the new Rifra store, in Fiorano Modenese, where grey lives perfectly with materials as oak wood, concrete and clay. New RiFra Store, Fiorano Modenese, Italy Osteria del Maniscalco, Castelfranco Veneto, design by Antony Bandiera. Flooring: Ideal Work Microtopping Charcoal 50%.


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